This is an Online Courier Management System developed in PHP/MySQL. It is designed for logistics and cargo firms. This script will help courier firms to manage their shipments easily, as well as simplify their work from all their branches.

On this software, there is an auto-generated tracking code that customers can use to track their shipments. Customers are not expected to log in to track their shipments. All tracking can be done from the front-end tracking box.

The script comes with an amazing front-end design with well-written content. so you won’t have to stress yourself after purchasing this shipment tracking courier website script.

You will find a list of some of the special features of this script listed below. There is also a short demo video below this page you can also watch it.

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Features of this courier tracking website

  1. It is fully responsive, that is to say, it fits all kinds of devices including mobile phones.
  2. A nice frontend page that can be easily edited to suit your required tracking website. It comes with 8 prebuilt pages. With a slider on the homepage.
  3. A robust admin dashboard to manage some functionalities of the site.
  4. Admin creates shipments, email is sent to the receiver once the shipment is created
  5. Shipment can be updated by the admin
  6. From the admin dashboard, you can view each shipment receipt and download it as pdf directly.
  7. A fancy image progress bar, which is controllable by the admin.
  8. Admin settings, where you can add the webmail that sends emails, as well as the logo that will appear in the mail.
  9. Users can view the image of the package in a fancy modal if the admin added an image.
  10. History can be added to each shipment, email is also sent to the receiver once the shipment history is updated.
  11. Shipment information includes; Expected delivery date, Date Shipped, Shipment Status, Receiver Name, Receiver Email, Receiver Address, Sender Name, Location, Sender Address, Quantity, Weight, Service Type, Package Description, and many more.
  12. Shipment history update includes; Date, Location, Remark, Status.

Watch the demo video below

Details Courier Management System

Script Name Frightcargo (the name will be necessary if you want to purchase this script)
Admin Username
Admin Password admin123 (you can change it)
Admin Login URL /admin
Customers Login URL No customer login
Languages HTML, PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript and CSS
Database Location Folder /admin/db
Contains 350 Folders/Subfolders
Download Type Zip file
PHP Version 7
Download Size 27MB
Status Tested and working perfectly online and offline

Script cost ₦20k or $55

If you are interested in this script and don’t want to pay online, chat us up on WhatsApp or give us a call on +2348035606050 to send our bank details. We also accept payment in Bitcoin, both for Nigerians and non-Nigerians. Simply contact us and we will provide our bitcoin wallet address.

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We can also help in the installation and further customization

CALL: +2348035606050
WHATSAPP: +2348035606050

How to install this courier tracking script

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Unload the file to a live server, or localhost
  4. Create a database, and import the database SQL file to your phpMyAdmin. The script database file will be found in /config/db
  5. Create a database user
  6. Add the database user to the database you created, and give it all privileges.
  7. Edit the configuration file with your database information. You will find the configuration file in /config/database.php
  8. Use your web browser to locate the site.

See More Images Below

Front End

courier management system

Result Page


Admin Page




Using our script you will be 100% responsible for your web security. We have done our best to make sure this script is highly secured, but we do not give any guarantee. And as well we will not be linked to any loss or damage you may encounter while using this script.

We do not guarantee that our scripts are not hackable, if you are using our script you will be responsible for your cybersecurity.

Our scripts are built for educational and research purposes, we do not support using them for illegal or illegitimate purposes, using it is fully at your own risk.


On your cPanel/server it is advisable to activate 2FA for a better security. Once a hacker is able to hack into your server they will have full access to every script and database on it.

The most sensitive thing on most scripts are the wallet addresses and payment gateways (if any). We strongly advise you create a user account where you will monitor the wallet addresses and other thing your site users are seeing on their end. This will help you easily detect most abnormalities that may occur on your site.


Anytime you want to make an edit to the code always remember to take a full backup of the file and database, so you will have something to fall back on if you encounter issues.

Always use a hosting package that provides automated backup of your file on daily or/and weekly bases as the case may be. This will help you to always restore your site to its previous state if need be.


While purchasing a domain, that's if you choose to take your site online, it is always advisable to buy a domain name that is not similar to an existing name on the internet, to prevent your site to be seen as deceptive.