Script Name: Bitbank (the name will be necessary if you want to purchase this script)

If you are looking for an online banking script then you are at the right place. We have a well-packaged script for you here which is perfect for internet banking.

We named our bank script Bitbank because of some bitcoin features integrated inside of it.

This script was built originally for a postgraduate student who claimed it was for his project work. He provided most of the features of this script, and over time we have included more features to standardize it.

According to him the project has been “done and dusted” successful, so it is of no use hiding this project from the world. We then decided to displayed it on our website for a token, so those who have similar features or specifications on their project can make use of it.

About Bitbank online banking script

Our online banking system is developed with the latest version of PHP (PHP 7) this made compatible will with most web hosting packages.

The script is 100% mobile responsive and comes with a front end which you can change by editing the HTML, or replace with your own front-end.

The script is a full CMS, that is the admin can make lots of changes with zero coding knowledge from his dashboard, by simply clicking or entering values.

Languages used on the Bitbank Script

Depending on your specialization you can use any supported language to develop an online banking platform. But while developing the Bitbank Script we made use of four languages. PHP, JavaScript, Ajax and HTML. For the database we used MySQL.

PHP was used for the server-side, Javascript was used to perfect some functionalities. To enable a web page to load on the same page we integrated Ajax in some part of our script.

How online banking works

There is no perfect way to build online banking, it all depends on what you actually want and what the developer can do.

For the Bitbank script, we built it in a way to enable it to suit many purposes.

Features of Bitbank online banking script

  1. Admin dashboard: the admin dashboard is very robust with so many features. The admin has a unique link and credentials to make use of during login. The admin also can change their password from the default credentials, or once they feel the credentials have been compromised.
  2. Users registration: easy registration for users, after registration, the system automatically generates an account number for the user. The users will receive a welcome email with the allocated account number.
  3. User’s login: every user logs in with their account number, password, and pin. This is possible only when the account has been verified/activated by the admin, else the user will get a notice to contact their account manager.
  4. User’s image: during registration the user can add an image of themselves. But if they skip this process the admin can as well upload an image for them from his dashboard.
  5. Account verification: no user can log in into their user’s dashboard until their account has been verified and activated by the admin.
  6. Three transfer method: the admin has the option to choose the transfer the user makes use of. In the first method, the user will be asked to provide 3 password steps to execute the transfer (COT, IPN & IMF). While in the second transfer method the transfer goes immediately without asking the user to provide anything. The third transfer method sends a one-time-password either via SMS or Email to execute the transfer.
  7. Transfer activation and transfer lock: aside from having 2 transfer options, the admin can also block a user from making transfers.
  8. Transfer receipt: at the completion of each transfer, the system automatically generates a receipt of the transaction.
  9. Domestic and International transfer: the user can make either domestic or International transfer on each transaction.
  10. Bank news: from the admin dashboard, the admin can publish news which every user will see once they login to their dashboard.
  11. Unlimited users: the Bitbank supports as many users as possible that registered on the system.
  12. User account statement: the user can view their bank statement and other details once they are logged in.
  13. Edit transactions: from the admin end, all transaction details including the transaction date and description can be edited at any point in time.
  14. Bitcoin deposit: users can make deposits to their accounts via bitcoin. The sum will be paid to the admin bitcoin wallet which was added on the admin dashboard. Once the payment is confirmed, the admin can then credit the user. To make the bitcoin deposit easy for the user the BTC wallet id QR code will be automatically generated.
  15. Loan request: users can request for a loan on this bank script. Once the loan is approved by the admin, the requested sum will be automatically added to the user’s account balance as well as the user’s bank statement.
  16. Card request: a user can also request for a card, this can be, for example, a credit card or debit card. After the request, the admin chooses to approve it or not.
  17. Dashboard chat: the user can write a message to the admin right from their user panel, and the admin sees it and reply.
  18. Admin Credit/debit: the admin can credit or debit each with any sum of their choice, and add a description.
  19. Email notifications: the users receive email on registration, logins, account activation, debit alerts, and loan approvals.
  20. SMS notification: users receive SMS on OTP, debit alert, and credit alert.
  21. Decrypted users information: the admin can view all the user’s information and can edit it too. With this function, if a user has an issue with their account, the admin can logon the see what’s wrong. The user will receive an email notification once someone logs into the account. Although this function is not web standard, every user should have privacy for their information. In a usable bank project, it shouldn’t be in such form.
  22. Unlimited currencies: on default, the currency is USD, but the admin can change it to any other currency of their choice on the admin settings.
  23. Users login tracker: the user gets immediate email reviling the IP address, the browser name, and other cookies information of anyone logging in to their account. The email tells them to contact their account office if they know nothing about the login.

Who Needs The Bitbank Bank Software

  1. Corporative societies
  2. Students on a related project
  3. Contribution agencies
  4. Microfinance banks
  5. Web developers

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Bitbank Price

Starter Plan (Bitbank)
₦60,000 or $150
On the Starter Plan you are allowed to install and run our Bitbank script on your server only on one website.
1 Free bank front-end design
Lifetime Usage
Free Script Update
Free Support on phone call or chat
Remote Support via TeamViewer (only when necessary)
Easy Installation
Business Plan (Bitbank)
₦200,000 or $500
The Business Plan allows you to install and run our Bitbank script on your servers on up to five different websites.
3 Free bank front-end design
Lifetime Usage
Free Script Update
Free Support on phone call or chat
Remote Support via TeamViewer (only when necessary)
Easy Installation

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Online Banking Script Details

Admin Username
Admin Password admin123 (you can change it)
Admin Login URL /admin/pages/
Customers Login URL /users/form/
Languages HTML, PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript and CSS
Database Location Folder /config/db
Contains 1350 Folders/Subfolders
Download Type Zip file
PHP Version 7
Download Size 120MB
Status Tested and working perfectly online and offline

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Online Banking Script

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