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Super Loan – An Online Loan Script Source Code Built with PHP


The Super Loan Script is a simple to manage online loan web application, complex enough to manage all kinds of loan needs, for individuals, companies, and firms.

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The Super Loan Script is an outstanding online loan web application, which was developed fully in php.

This Loan software was built with all the functionalities that are required for a standard loan business.

One good thing about this loan script is that it was built in a way you can easily overwrite some of the code where necessary and even add more functionalities will little programming knowledge.

So a web developer or someone who understands programming, customizing the super loan script won’t be a problem.

All the codes and coding methods used in this software project were written in a way of perfect understanding and it allows perfect modifications.

Therefore this project will be perfect for you or stand as a foundation for the development of your dream loan software.

When it comes to programming, flexibility, and code simplicity are what matter the most, as they will allow users to further develop it to suit exactly the pattern and design of what they need it for. That’s only if this script features are not sufficient to the requirements.

On this loan script, before a user can request a loan, they must first fill out the biodata form, the information filled in must be approved by the admin before they can proceed.

If their loan request was approved by the admin. The loan principal will be automatically transferred to the internal wallet of the user’s account, where they can request for withdrawal.

Features of the Super Loan Script

  1. The super loan script is 100% mobile responsive, on the front end, user dashboard, and admin panel. With this, you can effectively manage this script from the comfort of your mobile phone.
  2. It comes with a fantastic front-end design which is very easy to modify, and update content that will suit your loan business. All the front-end content has already been well written. The logo, site name, and headline can all be updated from the admin panel.
  3. From the admin panel of this loan script, you can create users, and users can also register from the front end.
  4. Admin can change the registration mechanism, with just a click. First, there is a direct registration, where users can register and log in immediately. Second is an option where the user will be sent a link to their email, which they much click before they can log in.
  5. The script sends emails on every necessary point, this includes registration and loan approval.
  6. I have a standard loan plan system that can be created unlimitedly, edited, or deleted in the admin dashboard. Each loan plan will be linked to a loan type which will also be created by the admin. There is a video on this page of the loan demo on this page.
  7. Users must update their biodata, and all the entered information must be approved by the admin before they can request a loan.
  8. On this loan script, the user can apply for multiple loans, and each will be approved, declined, or deleted by the admin.
  9. It has a standard loan calculator that calculates loans before request.
  10. An internal wallet, where a loan is pushed to, and can be withdrawn by the user.
  11. Loan repayment can be done part by part, either from the internal wallet is fund is available or by any other payment methods created by the admin.
  12. The admin can create unlimited payment methods, either this includes crypto payments.

Details of the Loan Script

Name: Super Loan
Script size: 17 MB
File download type: Zip
Script languages HTML, PHP, JavaScript
Database MySQL
Server environment: PHP 7.2, PHP 7.3, PHP 7.4
Architecture Core PHP (no framework was used), Object Oriented
Installation information: Will be fine on the read file that comes with the script.
Support: Yes, free after-sales support inclusive in the first 3months

Additional information


HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS



PHP Version

PHP 7.1, PHP 7.3, PHP 7.4

File Size


Mobile responsive

Full mobile responsiveness on all part of the script.


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