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MailerKing for Emails – A PHP Bulk Mailer Script


The MailerKing mailer script is an advanced bulk emailing web application that provides you with all the comfortability in your email campaign.

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Email is now a part of life in this generation. Almost everything we do online is surrounded around emails.

Emails, no doubt taken over the old method of letter writing. Just like sending letters, email can be official or unofficial.

One of the authentic ways people prefer to do digital verification is via email. Most time when we register on a website we receive links in our email, which we will have to click on for verification.

The fastest way to send an official message in the world today is via email.

All that is needed is to have the email address of the recipient then you can send emails without any restriction.

When you want to send mail to multiple people, using different email software you don’t have to send it individually. All you need is to enter the email address of the whole recipient, just with the click of a button, they all will receive the mail.

Replying to emails is also not an issue. Just click on reply and type in your message. It’s as easy as that.

But there are limitations, and this is the reason we build MailerKing bulk email software, to fill the possible gaps in email marketing. This will bring us the features of the mailer king.

Features of MailerKing Bulk Email Sending Script

  1. Web application: MailerKing mailer script is a web-based application, this makes the management and installation of the script very easy.
  2. Admin login: Before the script can be controlled by the administrator, they will have to log in with their credentials.
  3. Email files upload: Instead of typing all the email addresses you want to send emails to, you simply upload the email CSV  or Excel file. The MaillerKing script is capable of scanning the file and extracting the whole email from it.
  4. Mailing control: On this mailer script, there are two major issues we fixed with the email control. First is the case of emails entering the spam box. Whenever bulk mail running in thousands is sent, there is a high tendency that most of them will enter the spam box, and the recipient is very likely not to read it. Second, most web hosting companies have a cap on the number of emails that can be sent every hour, your hosting account is likely to be suspended if you violate this. On the settings of this MailerKing mailer script, you can set the number of mail that sends every hour. We didn’t make it automatic because that can also cause the mail to enter spam, rather it is semimanual. All you need is to do login in hours interval, and the script will do its job.
  5. Mail campaign: For any mailing sessions you start you have created a campaign. This bulk email script is capable of holding an unlimited number of campaigns.
  6. Mail monitoring: For all campaigns, you have started, on the script you can see the process, that’s the total mail that has been sent, how many were delivered, how many are yet to deliver, the date the email was sent, and so on.

Who Needs this Mailer Script?

  1. Digital marketers
  2. Offices and institutions that send multiple emails
  3. Web developers
  4. Bulk email business/individuals.


Using our script you will be 100% responsible for your web security. We have done our best to make sure this script is highly secured, but we do not give any guarantee. And as well we will not be linked to any loss or damage you may encounter while using this script.

We do not guarantee that our scripts are not hackable, if you are using our script you will be responsible for your cybersecurity.

Our scripts are built for educational and research purposes, we do not support using them for illegal or illegitimate purposes, using it is fully at your own risk.


On your cPanel/server it is advisable to activate 2FA for a better security. Once a hacker is able to hack into your server they will have full access to every script and database on it.

The most sensitive thing on most scripts are the wallet addresses and payment gateways (if any). We strongly advise you create a user account where you will monitor the wallet addresses and other thing your site users are seeing on their end. This will help you easily detect most abnormalities that may occur on your site.


Anytime you want to make an edit to the code always remember to take a full backup of the file and database, so you will have something to fall back on if you encounter issues.

Always use a hosting package that provides automated backup of your file on daily or/and weekly bases as the case may be. This will help you to always restore your site to its previous state if need be.


While purchasing a domain, that's if you choose to take your site online, it is always advisable to buy a domain name that is not similar to an existing name on the internet, to prevent your site to be seen as deceptive.


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