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Construction Website Script with Tracking Features – Full CMS in PHP


We named this amazing construction script the Construction King, because of the super features that comes with it

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It is the best cms script you can have for your construction website.

We are aware that in the world today over 70% of internet users make use of their smartphones, this is why we made our construction script to be 100% mobile responsive, so it can suit all mobile devices’ screen sizes.

Built on PHP 7.2+, the software is super fast when you talk about page speed.

Of course, we all know that page speed is one of the major search engine optimization (SEO) factors. Using this is one step to your SEO needs.

One great feature of this construction script is its user-friendliness.

As the admin or manager of this construction script, you will notice that the script is easy to use and the installation is one way forward.

The script of over 80% CMS, meaning that most of the information of the script can be customized from the admin dashboard, this includes the site name, logo, phone number, email address, working time, news, tracking, project, and many more.

Having a construction website is one thing, showing it to the world is another. But for a real businessman how to promote in a way the world will accept will be of the most importance.

One of the perfect ways to promote your construction business is by giving it an online presence. This is the best way you can attract more customers for your business.

The first step for creating an online presence for a business is by having a website crafted specially for the business.

Features of Construction Script

  1. The construction script is 100% mobile responsive making it compatible with all screen sizes.
  2. 80% content management system. most information on the frontend can is added from the admin panel.
  3. A gallery system to display projects accomplished by the construction company. The images on the gallery can be added and deleted from the admin.
  4. Also comes with a news management system, where the admin can create news with image and date. The news will be displayed on the news page of the construction king script.
  5. A complex tracking system where they can create a tracking form for staff, projects etc. that needs to track based on departments.
  6. Advanced coding pattern, which meets all coding standards.
  7. Fully SEO optimized.
  8. Easy to understand users and admin interface.
  9. Super fast loading time.
  10. Easy installation with zero knowledge.

How to install the construction king script

Just like most other PHP scripts, installing this construction script is very easy.

  1. Purchase a hosting and domain. This script will work well with shared hosting.
  2. Import the script to the file manager and extract it.
  3. Create a database and database user.
  4. Give all privileges to the database user.
  5. Import the SQL file in the phpMyAdmin.
  6. Update the configuration with your database information.

The installation of this script won’t take more than 5min to complete. It also comes with a read-me file that will guide you further on the installation. If you get stocked in you can always contact us for assistance.

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