In this article, you will learn how to Access Blocked or Restricted Websites using your PC or mobile phone.

Note, this article is strictly for research purposes, we do not encourage accessing restricted websites, you may be committing cyber offenses when accessing blocked websites.

Some website has been blocked, preventing people from accessing them.

Most time, this is due to fraud or privacy, once a site had been discovered to be used for fraudulent purposes the authorities will immediately block it, making it inaccessible via the World Wide Web.

Apart from fraudulent purposes, countries like China have blocked certain websites, most especially Social Networks being accessed from their country.

Definitely, they should have their reasons which are not necessary for the purpose of this post.

Also, some website restricts people from certain location from accessing them.

For instance, a website in the United States may be developed strictly for only people leaving in the United States, therefore those from other locations will not be granted access to such websites.

Also in existence is another kind of blocking which is done within an organization called “Local Network Based Blocking”.

This occurs in certain situations where one can not access certain websites with certain computers or WiFi networks.

For example, an organization may restrict its employees from accessing some Social Networks with the company’s internet connection or customizing their internet connection to visit only some specified websites.

Surprisingly, the same Internet which is restricted offers some effective methods to access restricted or blocked websites.

It is to be noted that these methods which I will brief you on can be used to bypass most blocked websites.

How to Access Blocked or Restricted Websites

1. Try using a Virtual Private Network Service (VPNs)

Virtual Private Networks are used to create an encrypted connection and channel all traffic through the encrypted connection.

With this instead of connecting to a website directly, you will take an indirect turn, that is you actually contact the encrypted connection first and then move on to the actual site you need to locate.

Facts have shown that VPNs are used for different kinds of purposes, also for accessing Regional Restricted websites is one of its major use.

When a VPN connection is launched, it seems that you are accessing the website from a different location, which is the location where the VPN server is located.

For instance, if you want to access a site made for “Country A” from “County B”, where the website is restricted from those in “Country B”. The best thing to do is to use a VPN Service that offers “Country A” Server.

So when connected, all the traffic would seem to be coming from “Country A”, therefore letting you access the blocked or restricted website.

Most VPNs are computers and mobile device applications, which can be easily connected once needed.

This method is the best when you want to access regionally restricted websites or to get rid of internet censorship you are facing from your country.

2. Making Use of a Third-Party DNS Service

When a domain name is entered in the browser URL box, a DNS Service will be used to find the corresponding IP address.

Here your Internet Service Provider can block a particular website. One of the working ways to get rid of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based blocking is to use Google Public DNS.

To do that you will need to change the DNS settings in your connection. When you using a third-party DNS service, there are other advantages such as privacy protection, parental controls etc.

The settings can be changed on the Adaptor Settings of your computer. However, if you want the DNS service to be used in the entire network, you can make some changes in the Router settings. This option is best when your Internet Service provider (ISP) has put limits on the websites you access.

3. Using a Proxy Site

Another cool method to access blocked websites is by using Proxy Sites. Proxy sites are gateways to anonymous browsing of Internet services. To use this just log on to a proxy site, and enter URL of the site you want to access.

In short, this is the best method when a particular site is blocked in your local network or your area.

Though in this method the browsing speed may be slow, but the process is helpful in many scenarios.

In this method you have no troubles of network modifications or installation procedures.

4. Change The Proxy Settings in Browser

This method is simple, just change proxy setting in your web browser. To do this, however, you have to find a usable public Proxy, and change your proxy to it.

This method is most useful when you need content access through a web browser and not other applications.

5. Use of IP Address Instead of URL

There is a chance that your network administrator would have blocked only the URL of a site (say, to prevent people from accessing it. If that is the case, the better thing is to find the IP address of the site and paste it in the URL box and you are all good.

6. Use Google Translate

This is a nice technique to access a site that is blocked in your network. To do this, you can simply use Google Translate and it help you read the desired in content in your language (if you want). Otherwise, you can use the platform to get the page loaded safely.

To use Google Translate, just visit and enter the URL that you want to visit. After the site has been loaded, you can click on ‘Original’ method to load the actual content.