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Smart Bank (Online Bank Script)


This Online Banking Script source code is built in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and MySQL database.

Smart Bank Online Banking Script

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The bank has a mega update when compared with most other banking scripts out there.

Now the users can login with either their bank account number or email address.

On the Smart Bank Script, we have 3 transfer methods

  1. Direct Transfer
  2. Transfer with code
  3. Transfer with email one-time password (OTP)

The transfer with codes on this online banking script is unlimited, as the admin can create any number of codes.

On this bank script, there is also unlimited digital payment methods for deposit, the admin can create as many as possible.

Do you need more security on the user’s login?

The smart bank online banking script provides a 2factor authentication. It is an option where an OTP code will be sent to the user’s email during login, the users will have to enter the code before they can successfully complete their login process.

Just like you normal mobile app where you will have to select your beneficiary bank, here the admin creates the banks where the users can select and transfer to.

The admin can also create account types which the users will have to choose from during registration.

There are many more features, you can read the full script information, watch the demo video or check the live demo.



Using our script you will be 100% responsible for your web security. We have done our best to make sure this script is highly secured, but we do not give any guarantee. And as well we will not be linked to any loss or damage you may encounter while using this script.

We do not guarantee that our scripts are not hackable, if you are using our script you will be responsible for your cybersecurity.

Our scripts are built for educational and research purposes, we do not support using them for illegal or illegitimate purposes, using it is fully at your own risk.


On your cPanel/server it is advisable to activate 2FA for a better security. Once a hacker is able to hack into your server they will have full access to every script and database on it.

The most sensitive thing on most scripts are the wallet addresses and payment gateways (if any). We strongly advise you create a user account where you will monitor the wallet addresses and other thing your site users are seeing on their end. This will help you easily detect most abnormalities that may occur on your site.


Anytime you want to make an edit to the code always remember to take a full backup of the file and database, so you will have something to fall back on if you encounter issues.

Always use a hosting package that provides automated backup of your file on daily or/and weekly bases as the case may be. This will help you to always restore your site to its previous state if need be.


While purchasing a domain, that's if you choose to take your site online, it is always advisable to buy a domain name that is not similar to an existing name on the internet, to prevent your site to be seen as deceptive.

Additional information


HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS



PHP Version

PHP 7.1, PHP 7.3, PHP 7.4

File Size


Mobile responsive

Full mobile responsiveness on all part of the script.


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